Light Therapy for Body Contouring?

The answer is yes. YES you can increase the speed of your weight loss journey by using LLLT. Low level light therapy can help target fat deposits to encourage those cells to shrink in size. 

The human body accumulates all sorts of waste and toxins that it must remove to stay healthy. The lymphatic system is the network of various organs, tissues, and vessels that help keep the body clean. It has the additional duty of absorbing fatty acids and fats for nutrients.

You have the same amount of fat cells your entire life. These cells fluctuate in size as you gain and lose weight. Cellulite can appear from your fat cells being too big, or your connective tissue not being able to stretch enough. This lack of stretchability is often caused by toxins and inflammation in your body. Because of this, even thin people can have cellulite. Light therapy targets the fat cells and decreases their size, which causes the toxins to release into your blood stream. For this reason we recommend that you aim to burn 300 calories after a Light session to flush these toxins completely out of your body.